Friday, March 13, 2015

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A few years ago, the idea of turning written articles into videos was something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tips For Planning A Summer Trip To Denver

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People all across America think of Denver (and the surrounding area) as a travel mecca during the winter - a place where people can come to have a great time enjoying some wonderful skiing and the clear, beautiful Rocky Mountain air. But in addition to being a great winter destination, Denver is also a wonderful summer destination - and if you travel to Denver during the summer, you can get much better deals than you would get during the winter. If you are planning to travel to Denver during the summer, here are some places for you to make sure you visit.

16th Street Mall: You might think that it is silly to include a mall on a list of "places to see" in a city - but those who have ever visited the 16th Street Mall surely understand! The 16th Street Mall stretches along the length of 16th Street in downtown Denver, and is one of the most popular (and beautiful!) outdoor malls in the country!

East Denver: If you will be taking this trip to Denver with children in tow, this is a great part of the city to see, as you will find the Denver Zoo and the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.

LoDo: The Lower Downtown district of Denver (which is on the north side of Denver, and is known as "LoDo" to the locals) is the birthplace of the city, and is also an historic district of the city that is well-known these days for its active nightlife and constant flow of events; you will always be able to get some great memories and pictures during a trip to LoDo!

The Rocky Mountains: And if you take a trip to Denver, you would surely be disappointed with yourself if you did not take the time to visit the gorgeous mountains to the west! Denver sits right at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, and you could spend days of your trip simply exploring the mountains and getting lost in all the beauty that abounds!

If you have never before considered a summer trip to Denver, you might want to start planning one; it will certainly be a vacation you will remember for a long time to come!

Monday, February 2, 2015

An Amazing Story Set in Las Vegas

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There aren't many cities in the world more well known than Las Vegas. Vacationers from around the world travel here for a good time and to let loose. When Vegas was originally built it was done so with financing from many mobsters. Pretty much anything went in Vegas, where money talked, and that is how it acquired its nickname of sin city. On a consistent basis you will still hear some larger than life stories that emerge from this city even though it has changed drastically in many ways.

One of the most incredible Vegas stories of all time concerns a group of students from MIT University in Boston. These students came together in order to find a way to beat the house in Vegas and win money while playing blackjack. Through practice they were able to apply the incredible mathematic skills that they were already armed with to this card game. Teams of students were unleashed on Vegas casinos to play blackjack after all of this practice.

All of these teams were very successful in their efforts. Each of these groups would consist of two different parts; one player that sat at a table consistently and another who would look for clues from each table signaling it was ready. When a large amount of face cards were believed to be in a dealer's deck it was considered ready for high stakes gambling by the big player. In between the shuffling of the decks this would be determined by players that would count cards that were being dealt out to players.

Using this technique the players were able to literally win millions of dollars from casinos over a number of years. Technology to help deter this practice have been instituted since this time by many casinos. If casino staff were to see someone counting cards they would be asked to leave even though this practice is not technically illegal. Either way this story is one of the best examples of tales that could only take place in America’s most sinful city.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

You Can Grow Your Own Apple Trees!

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You can certainly grow apples in your own backyard, and really reap the benefits of fresh apples in the fall. There is nothing that speaks of fall better then fresh ripe apples picked right off the tree. As long as you own a large enough land to put in a minimum of two apple trees, you can enjoy apples.

The first thing you should do is purchase a books such as The Backyard Orchardist to begin to learn what goes into keeping apple trees. You will need to learn how to prepare your soil property to house your apple trees. Next you will need to decide the best place to put your apple trees, and what cultivar of tree to get.

A great resource to check out is your local horticulture extension office that typically is associated with your state university.  They can help tell you what type of apple trees to purchase and which ones to avoid. I say apple trees because apples require a different type of apple tree to pollinate. Disease resistance of the variety of apple tree you are getting also should be taken into consideration. Remember the more disease resistant the less chemicals you will have to use on your plants.

You should consider how large your apple trees will get. You can harvest most if not all of your apples from a smaller tree with a fruit picker basket. Larger trees will require a ladder and you still may not be able to harvest the apples in the highest part of the tree.

Pruning your tree will also become a necessity over time.  So you must learn how to do so. By properly pruning your tree you are encoraging healthy growth and also increased apple size. Tools such as pruners and loppers can be good starting tools to get for pruning. Ultimately pruning helps keep your tree healthy and manageable for harvesting.

It doesn't really take that much work to grow apple trees. Some varieties of trees begin to start to set fruit within just a few years of being planted in the yard.

Saturday, January 31, 2015


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Having hummingbirds in your yard can be quite enjoyable. These birds have such a large personality for such a cute little bird. There is nothing more entertaining then working in your garden only to find a little hummingbird waiting patiently for you to move away from their flowers so they can eat. By using a combination of feeders and strategic planting of your garden you can provide a very hospitable environment for these little birds.

The most obvious things you can do for hummingbirds is putting out a few hummingbird feeders. There is a very wide range of feeders that you can find. There are feeders that sit in your garden on poles that look like flowers. You can even get a traditional feeder that hangs on eaves or from shepherd's hooks. There are also very ornate feeders that may fit artistic tastes better. Feeding them sugar water with red food coloring isn't quite okay for hummingbirds. What you really should feed them is specially made nector.

The second thing that can really attract hummingbirds to your yard is having a wide variety of flowers planted. Trumpet shaped flowers are great for hummingbirds. Trumpet vine, honeysuckle, and cardinal flowers are very attractive food sources.

Hummingbirds love red, and flowers that color really help the hummingbirds out. Bee balm, foxglove, columbine, and lupine are beautiful and good for birds and bees.

If you want them to stick around you should provide them with some hiding spots. Fruit trees, bushes, and shade trees all allow the hummingbird a place to nest and rest. These little birds are a pleasure to attract to your yard. If you are lucky you could even have a number of them settle in to your yard.

Things To See While Taking A Summer Vacation To Colorado

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The first thing that usually comes to mind when people think of vacationing in Colorado is snow skiing - and for good reason, as Colorado truly offers the best skiing opportunities in the United States - but winter skiing is not the only reason to visit Colorado, and actually, the summer offers plenty of great reasons to visit Colorado as well. If you are thinking you might be interested in taking a trip to Colorado this summer (or if you are already planning a trip to Colorado this summer!), there will certainly be no shortage of things to do and see, but as you embark upon your adventure, here are a few ideas for you to keep in mind.

One of the richest and most beautiful national parks in the country is also one of the most under-publicized; while Yellowstone and Yosemite certainly deserve the attention they get, Rocky Mountain National Park should not be forgotten - and if you plan to take a trip to Colorado during the summer, Rocky Mountain National Park should also not be missed!


There are a lot of rustic, well-preserved mountain towns in Colorado that are truly a treat to visit, but if you go to Colorado during the winter, most of these towns will be inaccessible to casual travelers; the pleasant summer months, on the other hand, are the perfect time for you to travel up into the mountains and explore some of these jewels that are hidden high up in the Rockies.

And of course, Denver needs to be at the top of your list if you want to make your Colorado vacation feel complete; there are lots of things to see and do in Denver, but a couple of the best options during a lovely summer day are perusing the 16th Street Mall and catching a Colorado Rockies baseball game in the evening.

You will be hard-pressed to have a bad vacation when you are taking a summer trip to Colorado, but if you are looking for a starting point for your trip, these ideas will be sure to get you started on the right foot!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wondering What You Need in a Camcorder?

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If you have not purchased a camcorder in the past few years, you may be amazed by how much things have changed. I prefer to have a pretty good idea of what I am looking for when it comes to purchasing electronics before I get to the store.

You will have to decide if the size of the camcorder is an important factor for you. Camcorders can range in size from large professional models to tiny pocket cameras. Pocket camcorders are clearly easy to take along anywhere as you can put them in purses and pockets for convenience. These don’t typically have as high of a video quality to them compared to larger cameras but this is somewhat to be expected. Larger camcorders are able to have many more features and options available to them.  Also the video quaility tends to be better.

The next thing you will need to consider is the type of memory you want. There are no analog video recorders left, and DVD recorders are becoming scarce also. The vast majority of camcorders use hard drives and flash sticks. Camcorders with hard drives have an internal memory that you don't have to worry about.  Flash drives require the use of an SD card in order to save videos. Ultimately the choice is personal on this one. The advantages of the flash drives are it is easy to swap them out for as long of recording time as you need. Hard drives are nice because you don’t have to carry extra cards. This is ultimately personal preference.

Some other things to consider is it is nice to have a high optical zoom. This is what the lens is capable of doing verses what the computer is able to do. The digital zoom should be looked at as a bonus. The optical zoom is completely dictated by the quality of lens.  If you have a bad lens, the digitial zoom will be lacking also. You really should look for a camcorder that has a nice image stabilization system. This makes the picture much less shaky when you watch it on a television.

You will need to decide if new 3D technology is important to you.  Some people have a lot of interest in this options, while others do not. You may not want to pay for a feature you are not able to use.